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Samer A. Ahmad

Samer Ahmad is our shop assistant who is always ready to help whatever you want to buy. Our customers love his for friendly, helpful service. Samer's duty is to welcome customers, talk to them, help them and make their shopping trip memorable. It’s what our clients love and have come to expect. He also has an important part to play in helping our store team meet sales targets, whether it’s by recommending a product to a customer or making sure the shelves are stocked with the things they want to buy.

According to his own words, he has always been interested in sales and communicating with people. Since his childhood, he has been spending a lot of time observing well-known shops in the region. Samer learned many secrets of his current profession due to this passion. Currently, Samer is seeking to graduate from high school and Afterwards, he will be graduating from the university. Samer is an asset member of our team, where his skills were estimated at their true worth. Today Samer is not only the best member of our team. He brings more positive emotions into our work than anyone else.